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Sunday, 9 May 2010



Two teenage girls diagnosed as suffering from ovarian cyst rescued by the age-old Indian system of Treatment –Ayurveda

Complaining of acute pain and excessive bleeding ,the two girls had been advised surgeryto remove the cyst. However ,Ayurveda saved them from going under the knife.

A magical Ayurvedic Herb ‘Kanchnar Guggul’ completely dissolved the abnormally large cyst.Much to the surprise of modern doctors,both the girls ultrasound reports showed that their ovaries were normal four months after the Ayurvedic treatment started.

“When 13 –year old Devika (name changed) was brought to me some months back,she was in a traumatic condition. A resident of Kaushambi,Devika was diagnosed with a cyst sized 58x44mm,in her right overy.”recollects noted Ayurvedacharya Dr S.K.Rai.

Talking to HT,Dr Rai said the girl was severely anaemic and was bleeding heavily,due to which she had been advised surgery.

“But her family’s financial position was weak and they could not afford the surgery,so they decided to bring me ,”he adds.

Dr Rai started treating the girl with ‘Kanchnar guggul’The herb has anticancerous properties and can dissolve the cyst.,he says.Devika was also given other Ayurvead medicines to boost her immunity.

“After four months of regular treatment, we conduct the girls Ultrasound test in April. The test confirmed that both her ovaries were in normal sizeand the cyst had dissolved. The girl is now leading a normal life,”he said.

According to Dr Rai,another teenage girl Seema Singh(16)was also diagnosed as suffering from right haemorrhagic ovarian cyst.She was put on a similar traetmentfor a period of four months.

“We got her Ultrasound test done on Tuesday and found that her ovaries are normal,”he said.

Dr Rai said it’s not advisable to conduct surgery on teenage girls if they suffer from ovarian cysts unless there are many complications.

Meanwhile, renowned gynecologist and senior consultant at Tej Bahadur Sapru(Beli) Hospital ,Dr Sarveshwari Nautiyal said she’s presently treating 30 teenage girls and young married women suffering from poly-cystic ovary syndrome.

Source:HT NEWSs

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