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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Blood put under microscope at expo

I HEADED past the Tibetan Lama, the art-therapy table, the clairvoyant, tarot readers and shamans and took a seat in front of a woman who would “read” me at a cellular level.Standing out from the many rainbow-coloured stallholders at The Starlight Wellbeing Expo at Bangalow over the weekend, naturopath Rachael Reed’s tools of trade are a microscope and laptop computer.Ms Reed pricked my finger, squeezed a tiny drop of blood on to a slide and as she peered through the microscope I watched, fascinated, as an image of my blood cells appeared, moving like teeny floating balloons across the laptop screen.After studying naturopathy at Southern Cross University and working at allergy clinics in Perth and Brisbane, Ms Reed returned to Byron Bay where she now offers live blood screening which visually shows what state of health a patient is in, complemented by naturopathic advice.From the image on the screen, this reporter’s white blood cells are “viable” and A-okay.There isn’t any sign of illness or infection, but my red blood cells are looking a tad small and “fragile”, which could indicate an iron deficiency and would explain the fatigue I’ve experienced recently.Everything Ms Reed “reads” from my live blood analysis is 100% in keeping with recent medical advice I’ve had and I leave the Starlight Expo keen to improve my health.“It can be hugely motivating for people to see exactly what their health issues are, right there on the screen,” Ms Reed said.“It can help pinpoint issues at a cellular level.”The Starlight Wellbeing Expo continues today at the A&I Hall in Bangalow.
Courtsey:Northern Star

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