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Monday, 18 June 2012

Expert urges Qatar to allow practice of Ayurvedic internal medicine

South Indian state Kerala’s 7,000-year-old conventional massage therapy to treat neck, joint and back pain, especially, is so effective that even many practitioners of modern medicine in Qatar who suffer from such conditions prefer it to their own curative methods, says an expert of holistic medicine. And, over the years Qatari nationals have developed so much faith in this time-tested ancient therapy that many of them visit Kerala for treatment of aforesaid conditions, says Dr K T Mohamood. That many such therapy centres have set up operations in Doha over the past few years is proof enough of its growing popularity in Qatar, adds Dr Mohamood. Nevertheless, Qatar’s public health authorities do not allow Indian ‘Ayurvedic’ (holistic medicine) experts to practice internal medicine, he rues. “Based on the effectiveness and growing popularity of the therapy, it’s high time its complete practice is permitted here,” Dr Mohamood said in remarks to this newspaper. Dr Mohamood who is a post-graduate in ‘Ayurveda’ from India has a master’s degree (M Sc) in medicinal plants as well, an apt yet rare qualification for an expert of holistic medicine. He even holds a graduate degree in homoeopathy and is an MBA in hospital administration and is general manager of a reputed Kerala holistic therapy centre, ‘MediHerb’ in Fereej Nasr area of Doha. The centre has a separate section for women. Physiotherapy in modern medicine is present-era avatar of the ancient massage therapy. So effective this therapy was in treating some acute conditions that it was even referred to as ‘finger surgery’ in the days gone by. The oils massage therapists use are extracted from various herbs, some of which are rare. Therapists like Dr Mohamood have added advantage in pursuing their career since they have studied medicinal plants as a subject at the post-graduate level. Dr Mohamood says that most of his patients are Qatari citizens who, according to him, mostly prefer to be relieved of joint, neck or back pain naturally, that is, without taking any medicine. “That’s one of the reasons why we wish Qatar allows the practice of this therapy, for a lot of citizens travel to Kerala for treatment. They can save their time, money and energy if they can access the treatment here.” The remedy for neck, joint and back pain in modern medicine is anti-inflammatory drugs which are nothing but painkillers, says Dr Mohamood, cautioning that their long-term use can have serious side effects.” The common factors that trigger such aches and conditions that are treated by conventional therapy centres like Dr Mohamood’s are degenerative changes in lumbarspondylosis and cervical spondylitis that affect lower back and the neck, respectively. However, according to Dr Mohamood, an increasing number of people in Qatar suffer from these conditions largely because they are exposed to air-conditioned environment most of the time—while at home, in office or even while they are driving. Extreme exposure to cold can cause muscle stiffness, says Dr Mohamood. Obesity, whose incidence is quite high in Qatar, is also a major factor behind people being affected by perennial joint, neck or back aches, even at a younger age. According to Dr Mohamood, his centre is the first and the only one in Qatar that provides a therapy which is exclusively dedicated to treating conditions like paralysis and insomnia. It can also be used by anyone for rejuvenation. Called ‘Shiro Dhara’ (head drops), the one-hour therapy with herbal oil let to ooze down on the head of a patient, with some massage, is quite effective in treating conditions such as sleeplessness and paralysis, says Dr Mohamood. Source: The Peninsula

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