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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Want To Know How You Would Look Like After 10 Years Of Downing Alcohol? Check Out A Mobile Application

Giving users an insight into how they will look after ten years of binge drinking is a chilling new phone application.
'The Drinking Machine' has been designed by forensic artist Auriole Price as a warning of the shocking effects of alcohol on the body.
By taking a photo and inputting your daily alcohol intake, the application shows how heavy drinking speeds up the process of ageing.
The unflattering pictures reveal the full effects of alcohol with the pictures showing bloated flushed cheeks and bloodshot eyes.
Initially designed for a Scottish Government health drive, the application is now available on iTunes for 69p.
"The main aim is to shock people into drinking just a little bit less. 'We are appealing to people's vanity as the effects of alcohol can include red, broken veins on the cheeks, bloodshot eyes, a bloated face and deeper wrinkles," the Daily Mail quoted Price as saying.
The app, which has been used on photographs of well-known celebrities, right from Angelina Jolie and Madonna to Tulisa showed them with bloated faces, haggard complexions and deep lines etched on the face acting to warn against over-indulgence of booze.


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