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Friday, 28 June 2013

ICMR to set up National Centre for Research on Allergies to provide research and training on allergic diseases

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is planning to set up a National Centre for Research on Allergies as an apex centre to carry out world class fundamental and translational research in the area.
The ICMR, which has been sanctioned Rs.1450 crore for the current Five Year Plan period for setting up new centres and institutes, will be earmarking an initial sum to work on this proposal and finalise details including the place of the Centre, sources said.
“Allergic diseases are a cause of morbidity and mortality globally, rising to epidemic proportions with a profound increase in their complex nature, especially in the youth. India is presently in a stage of transition in which there is a growing burden of allergic diseases on top of the ongoing problems of communicable diseases. To combat this growing burden, it is important to put allergic diseases as a health priority and make concerted efforts towards research, education and training on allergic diseases in India. Currently, there is a major gap in research and education/training on allergic diseases in India and there are very limited and fragmented efforts by individual investigators and institutions on very specific areas and/or particular disease conditions,” according to the proposal.
The proposed centre of excellence will deal with the various allergic diseases gaining insight into the genetics, epigenetics, early influences, molecular mechanisms and various underlying factors responsible for these complex allergies in a holistic manner as well as basic education and training on allergic diseases.
It will provide education and training in this specialized field. The proposed centre will be an apex/core centre of excellence with a vision to conduct high quality fundamental and clinically relevant translational research and education/training dedicated to allergic diseases contributing to novel, affordable and innovative treatment and preventive strategies for allergies, building expertise and bridging the knowledge gap.
The centre will also be a nucleus centre to provide support to other institutes and centres, and work in collaboration towards a more integrated, holistic and affordable approach to treatment thereby benefiting the community at large.
“Since this field of expertise is still very new in India, such a centre of excellence will require the expertise and dedicated efforts of an expert of international repute in the field of allergic diseases who will have the motivation and dedication to help set up and lead this centre. This initiative will be a major step towards reducing the burden of allergic diseases in India,” the proposal said.


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