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Monday, 27 April 2015

Indian Origin Woman Scientist Wins Heinz Award for Artificial Microlivers

Indian Origin Woman Scientist Wins Heinz Award for Artificial Microlivers
Sangeeta Bhatia, An Indian-origin scientist has won the prestigious 2015 Heinz Award for their innovative contributions in five areas: Arts and Humanities; Environment; Human Condition; Public Policy; and Technology, the Economy and Employment.

Bhatia was awarded the $2,50,000 Heinz award for her work in tissue engineering and disease detection. "This type of recognition helps to bring science into the public eye so that everyone can appreciate the dedication and innovation that is happening in laboratories all over the country," said Bhatia, the John J and Dorothy Wilson Professor of Health Sciences and Technology and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

Bhatia and her team developed artificial human microlivers for drug testing and deserve credit for their pioneering work. Many biopharmaceutical companies make use of the artificial human microlivers to test the toxicity of drugs. 

Microlivers are also being used in the lab to model malaria infection and test drugs that could help in the complete eradication of malaria parasites. Bhatia aims to develop implantable liver tissue as a complement or substitute for whole-organ transplant. 


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