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Friday, 30 September 2016

New Supplement Renovatio Extracted From Apples

By using a groundbreaking extraction method to isolate the 'holy grail' of disease-fighting molecules an Australian scientist has created a potent new antioxidant supplement.
The revolutionary new technique pioneered by Dr Vincent Candrawinata, a scientist at the University of Newcastle, extracts phenolic antioxidants from apples using just water, a method that until now has been unsuccessfully attempted for nearly eight decades.
"Our breakthrough was we were able to extract the natural extract [from apples] without chemical solvent and produce it at a commercial level," Dr Candrawinata, said.

Antioxidants boost protection against 'free radicals', which are naturally occurring chemical compounds that attack the body's healthy cells. The harmful compounds can cause deterioration in eyesight, inflammation of joints, damage to nerve cells and disease.

Dr Candrawinata, said phenolics were the 'holy grail' of dietary antioxidant and have numerous health benefits.
They naturally occur in all plants, such as apples, tea and citrus fruits. However, the reason why we chose apples is because they are really nature's super fruits,' he said, adding apples have eight different phenolic types.

Renovatio, the company established by Dr Candrawinata, with support from the University of Newcastle, the NSW state government and Horticulture Australia, uses apples grown in Orange to produce a phenolics powder and tablet that can be taken once a day.

"Customers have been very, very happy about their energy level, their immune systems and the quality of their digestive system," he said.
Source:University of New Castle

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