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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Laughter Industry is a Very Serious Matter

 Laughter Industry is a Very Serious MatterImagine paying up to laugh a bit more in your life. Some of you may have just laughed at this thought, but there are people who are ready to get out of bed early to team up with complete strangers and laugh their guts out.Laughter therapy is not new and has been acclaimed as the best way to beat blues. So much so, that psychiatrists and counselors recommend it to victims of bipolar, schizophrenia and severe depression.
Signing up such for services seems to be on the agenda of many Brits, especially since they are known for the stiff upper lip.
Research has proved time and again about the health benefits of laughter and therefore it is not surprising to see many such laughter sessions growing in appeal and popularity. 
Laughter workshops have caught the imagination of many major organizations like Barclays and consultancy firm Ernst & Young, who have begun sending employees to laughter workshops.
"Laughter is more than just laughter - it's not just silly," said Lotte Mikkelson, a laughter yoga trainer." To maintain the physiological changes and benefits we get from it, we need to do it every day," she added.
"We're frowned upon in society if we do big, roaring belly laughs, but laughter club is a safe space to really laugh from the belly; you really get an exchange of air, it jogs internal organs and you benefit physically."
Laugher is known to relieve stress, keep the mood positive and even relieve pain. Laughter yoga sessions is all about combining relaxed breathing sessions with induced laughter sessions to relieve pent up stress and tension. 
In Britain, Laughter gyms have started to cater to stressed out people who come in there to have hearty laugh and go back feeling light, positive and well. Many corporate are sponsoring their employees for such sessions and laughter industry is big business in resent times. 

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