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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Serious Health Problems from Smoking Alcohol

Mixing alcohol with dry ice could lead to a strong possibility of serious health problems, drug and alcohol experts have warned.A video clip showing a man mixing these ingredients at home and inhaling the vapours made news in America last week and is just the latest to document the trend known as 'smoking' alcohol. 
Professor Steve Allsop, director of Australia's National Drug Research Institute, said that 'smoking' alcohol eliminates the factors associated with low-risk drinking, like drinking with a meal or enjoying the flavour, reported. 
Allsop explained that it's using alcohol purely for its intoxicating effects, which puts people at higher risk. 
He said that when people drink alcohol normally, there's a saturation point when they realise they've had enough, but when you inhale alcohol that function doesn't kick in, so the potential for overdose is far higher too.




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