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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Build a Positive Reputation and Enhance Social Standing?

 How to Build a Positive Reputation and Enhance Social Standing?A University of Missouri anthropologist has claimed that giving a helping hand to a big group of people helps build a positive reputation. This is thought to be much better than helping a few people many times.Building a good reputation works well in the long run and is good in the area of commerce, according to Shane Macfarlan, post-doctoral anthropology researcher in MU's College of Arts and Science. 
Further, it can also have a positive impact in the evolution of language and building a spirit of cooperation in society. 
Macfarlan went on to explain how giving a helping hand increased the respect and regard people have among their peers. 
On the contrary, those who helped a smaller number of people saw their reputation suffer even though the number of kind acts performed was almost equal. 
The study found that those with better reputation almost always received greater assistance from a bigger group of people. We can sum up by saying that it pays to be kind, helpful and altruistic. 

Source:University of Missouri 



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