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Monday, 1 July 2013

On Doctors Day: Warm Wishes to All of You

On Doctors Day: First of all warm wishes to all of my friends who are connected through this noble profession.In this auspicious day i want to remind you some quotes of Great Ayurveda scholar Charaka :-
*Doctor is among one important Link of curing the mankind out of the four others as :Medicine, Attendant and the Patient .भिषगद्रव्यउपस्थाता रोगी पाद चतुष्टयम... (Ref.Charak samhita sutra sthaan Chapter 9/3.)
Doctors must have the following qualities:-
1.श्रुते पर्यवादातत्वं बहुशो द्रष्टकर्मता,दाक्ष्य शौचमिति ज्ञेयम... (
Ref.Charak samhita sutra sthaan Chapter 9/6)
Knowledgeable scholar having practiced many cases,expert in his specialty and noble to his profession.
2.विद्या वितर्कों विज्ञानं स्मृतिस्तत्परता क्रिया.....
(Ref.Charak samhita sutra sthaan Chapter 9/21)
Having six qualities as knowledgeable,discussant,with scientific approach ,sharp in memory and a personality of active and result oriented one.
3.तस्माच्छास्त्रेsथ विज्ञानं स्मृतिस्तत्परता क्रिया...
(Ref.Charak samhita sutra sthaan Chapter 9/18)
Having Four qualities one who deeply studied different journals and books related with the subject and also efficient in memorizing and efficient in applying the scientific facts.
4.मैत्री कारुण्यंमार्तेषु शक्ये प्रीतीरुपेक्षणम,प्रकृतिस्थेषु भूतेषु......
(Ref.Charak samhita sutra sthaan Chapter 9/36)
One who has a friendly feeling with all the living creatures, full of kindness and progressively treat the patients within his expertise limit. 
And finally i conclude with the quote mentioned in Ashtang Hridayam Uttar-tantra chapter-50
क्वचिदर्थः,क्वचिन्मैत्री,क्वचिद्धर्मः,क्वचिद्यशः,कर्माभ्यास:क्वचिच्चैव चिकित्सा नास्ति निष्फला !
Medical profession gives us money,friendship,name and fame and if nothing then adds a new chapter in our practice.
So again Lot of good wishes.
Thank you all
Dr Navin Joshi 
MD Ayurveda

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