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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Innovative Urinal Helps Save Water

 Innovative Urinal Helps Save WaterThe innovative design of a urinal, named Stand, is an answer to the huge shortage of water in Europe.This design by Kaspars Jursons , a Latvian designer , is already in use in many European countries. The design is an endeavor to save water as well as to improve hygiene in men- it comes with a tap and sink just above the urinal. 
Explaining his innovation and how it can save water, Jursons said, "It's not just a fancy piece of art. The idea is about function and consumption. You are washing your hands in the sink on top of the urinal, and the same water that's running is also used to flush. You don't have to use water twice, like when you use the urinal and wash your hands in separate sink."
This sink urinal is priced at $590 per unit and has proved to save thousands of liters of water. Further, the tap is sensor-activated and hands-free- this is a constant reminder to men to wash their hands after using the urinal. "It is more suitable for hygiene than just a urinal and then guys who don't wash their hands."


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