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Monday, 8 July 2013

Sexual Spark Does the Vanishing Act in Long Term Relationships

Does the spark and sexual attraction between couples actually wane when they are together for many years?
An interesting insight into love relationships found that nearly 40% of couples who have been together for four years get physically intimate perhaps just few times in a month.Among those who have been together for 15 years or more, 15% have sex just few times in a year. The researchers found that the relationships begin to lose its spark in one year. Statistics reveal that in the first one year of the relationship, 15% of couples have sex everyday compared to five per cent of other couples. 

Among couples who have been together for four years, 53% have sex few times in a week. Nearly 40% of those surveyed admitted that they wanted a better sex life as it was just okay and there was room for improvement. 
Nearly a third - 30 per cent of 2000 people in relationships confessed to trouble getting aroused. 
Dr Tom Brett, medical director at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor, said: 'It seems Brits have a lot to learn when it comes to enhancing their sex lives but sometimes not being 'in the mood' isn't just about being tired, stressed or even fancying your partner but a symptom of a medical condition. Erectile dysfunction will affect one in 10 men in the UK each year. However, our research has shown that very few are willing to take control.'
'The underlying causes of that missing spark could be symptomatic of a very treatable condition so getting checked out could be worth it', he added.
Source:Lloydspharmacy Onlin



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