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Friday, 2 August 2013

Practice Yoga and Stay Healthy

Yoga is an ancient Indian art of staying fit and harnessing internal powers.The best time to practice yoga is in the morning. Practicing Yoga can help treat various health-associated diseases. Sounds unbelievable, but this is true. Yoga is known to proactively change people's life for the better. Today's life is full of stress and anxiety, which are the leading factors of deteriorating mental and physical health. Yoga has multiple benefits to offer such as it facilitates weight management, enhances concentration, reduces stress, increases flexibility of joints, and facilitates movements of joints. Early mornings have much more to offer than gentle breeze, beautiful sunrise and soothing atmosphere. It is also the perfect time to meditate through yoga. While being in the lap of Mother Nature, practice yoga to keep your mind and body revived and rejuvenated. Yoga refers to the 'union with the divine' and comprises of exercises called the 'Asanas'. It includes an array of structural poses and breathing exercises. Regular practice of yoga can increase your fitness level and mitigate work-related stress and anxiety. A yoga session affects every part of your body and calms down your mind and thoughts. It is one of the most impactful and effective method of acquiring peace. Unlike the fake artificial techniques claiming to provide peace of mind, yoga is the natural way to successfully attain mental peace and establish a harmonious relationship between mind, body and soul. Yogic exercises have impressed the western world and yoga is becoming widely popular across the globe. Being non-competitive, yoga is suitable for almost everyone regardless of age and fitness levels. 


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