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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Extracts of Ancient Flower As Natural Treatment For Diabetes Discovered In Israel

Israeli researchers have discovered an amazing plant, Chiliadenus iphionoides, or sharp varthemia, native to their region that apparently helps treat type-2 diabetes naturally without the need for drugs or injections.
Chiliadenus iphionoides (sharp varthemia), a Middle Eastern shrub found to be effective in treating diabetes. (CC BY-SA Eitan F., Wikimedia Commons)

The team is working with drug companies to isolate the plant's active ingredient so it can be synthesized and turned into a patented, corporate-owned pharmaceutical drug rather than promote the actual plant as a therapeutic option for patients. 

The plant has a stocky, furry-looking stem that produces spiny yellow flowers. In both cellular and animal models, extracts from this aromatic shrub have been shown to exhibit anti-diabetic activity, helping to improve sugar absorption into muscle and fat cells, as well as reduce blood sugar levels. 

"Chiliadenus iphionoides extract increased insulin secretion in s cells as well as glucose uptake in adipocytes and skeletal myotubes. The extract also displayed hypoglycemic activity in the diabetics and rat. Chiliadenus iphionoides exhibits considerable anti-diabetic activity, although the mechanism of action remains to be determined." 

Scientists will have to figure out a way to steal the plant's active ingredient, which in and of itself is a misnomer, since plants contain a host of bioactive components that work synergistically to promote healing Source:Times of Israel

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