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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Health Benefits of Cempedak

What is Cempedak?

Cempedak, scientifically known as Artocarpus integer, belongs to the same genus as of Jackfruit and Breadfruit. Native to Southeast Asia, Cempedak is widely grown in Indonesia, Thailand and Malay Peninsuala. In India, it grows in the southern states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Cempedak grows in tropical regions where water is available in abundance. Coastal regions provide apt environment for their cultivation.Cempedak trees are evergreen with height upto several meters. The fruit is somewhat smaller in size than Jackfruit and contains soft juicy and sweet flesh covering large seeds. Ripe cempedak is yellow in color and is sweeter than jackfruit. Its flavor is musky, aromatic and savory that resembles durian and mango. It has many medicinal benefits owing to its high nutritional profile. It has good amount of ascorbic acid, enzymes, bioflavonoid, minerals and vitamins.

Nutritional Facts of Cempedak

Per 100 gm
Energy117.0 Kcal
Water66.7 g
Protein2.5 g
Fat0.4 g
Carbohydrates25.8 g
Fiber3.4 g
Calcium40.0 mg
Phosphorus5.0 mg
Iron (Fe)1.1 mg
Vitamin C17.7 mg
Carotene80 ug
Vitamin B10.16 mg
Vitamin B20.15 mg
Niacin0.5 mg

Health Benefits of Cempedak

  • Heart health: Antioxidants, dietary fiber and vitamin C present in cempedak helps in maintaining heart health. High potassium content helps in lowering blood pressure. It decreases cholesterol levels and reduces hypertension that makes the cardiac system healthier.
  • Urinary tract infection: Attributing to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties cempedak helps in fighting urinary tract infections.
  • Eye health: Cempedak is rich in vitamin A that helps in maintaining good eye health and keeps the cornea healthy.
  • Controls obesity: High dietary fiber content helps in controlling obesity and maintains overall health. Low calorie and fat content helps in weight loss also.
  • Digestive health: High fiber, mineral and vitamin content maintain the digestive health. Also researches have proved Artocarpus xanthone to be gastro protective, helping in cure of digestive tract ulcers.
  • Prevent tumors and cancers: Artioindonesianidin, a compound present in its bark and fruit, may have potential to prevent tumor growth. Research is ongoing to explore its other therapeutic benefits.
  • Malaria treatment: Several compounds like Artioindonesianidin and heteriflavon C present in the bark and fruit of cempedak help in prevention and treatment of malaria. It can eliminate the malarial parasites to complete extent.
  • Other benefits: It has been found that cempedak seeds can be ground into flour and used as an alternative to bread flour. It has more dietary fiber content, more nutrients and lower glycemic index as compared to other bread flours. Also the decoction of cempedak roots is used to cure fever, skin diseases, asthma and diarrhea. The antioxidant nature slows the degeneration of cells and thus keeps skin healthy. Cempedak has been found to show anti-arthritic properties too. It also helps in lowering anxiety and hypertension



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