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Monday, 15 July 2013

DHR to set up 60 Model Research Units to provide quality medical services in rural areas

Aiming to provide quality medical services to rural population by transfer of research finding/technology at the rural level, the Department of Health Research (DHR) will establish 60 Model Rural Health Research Units across the country which will function as an interface between the new technology developers, health systems operators and the community.
These research units, to be set up in an operational research mode, would serve as model units to transfer the technology to the state system by showing its applicability and feasibility in the rural settings. These units will undertake/ translate the research technology under the basic, applied and clinical disciplines for the use of population in that area.
The department will establish these units at least one per state and in bigger states there could be more than one such unit. The department proposes to establish a total of 60 units across the country by the end of XII Plan period. They will function under the DHR and would continue to develop specific models for transferring the technology as the development of technology in the health system is a continuous process and there is a need for review and modify the models depending on the new available technology.
These units will develop state specific models depending on the disease profile, topography and the local conditions as per the priorities & location identified by the State Govt. in close coordination with State health authorities. Special focus will be given to tribal areas, hilly terrain, and remote areas. For example, in the State of Bihar the unit will be developed with special focus to tackle kala-azar, while in some of the coastal States like Kerala the focus would be on filariasis or leptospirosis etc.
These Research Units will develop state/area specific models depending upon the disease profile, morbidity, patterns and local conditions for transfer of the technology for providing better health care services to the rural masses. It will train the health professionals of state health system for the use of modern field, adaptable methods and the model developed. Besides, it will undertake various research projects in close coordination with the state government, institutions and others that are relevant and beneficial to the rural population.
The department feels that wide variations exist in the pattern of diseases prevalent in different geographical areas and the local conditions which require development of state/area specific, disease specific strategy to provide better health care facilities ensuring that the modern technology is available to the general public. Transfer of research finding/technology at the rural level has been found to be major lacuna in the provision of quality medical services to rural population. It is to bridge this gap that the department is establishing these Model Rural Health Research Unit.


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