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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Polio Virus Shrinks Brain Tumor

Investigators of Duke University Medical Center Brain Tumor shrink modified virus. Doctors polio patient with hope is the terrifying polio virus as their ability - and kill cells to treat cancer. Duke University Medical Center has been experimenting with the virus especially 22 year old Stephanie list ------ diagnosed soft explosion - the most aggressive form of brain cancer that originally had surgery to remove a tumor in 2010. When he returned two years later doctors tried a different approach injected polio virus modified your brain and let the virus will work.
And then here. He was also treated as children. And how can barely see anything.
As consolation comes just reduced the tumor - which extends the size of the doctors of a modified virus is able to enter cancer cells and ---- but healthy brain tissue unharmed. And this worked for most people in the study of eight patients who received only two injection nonresponders. We have also shown promise in reducing prostate, pancreatic and melanoma - in the laboratory, but is not widely available in the short term.

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