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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

For a Noble Cause: 100 People Commit Their Live Bodies for Science

 For a Noble Cause: 100 People Commit Their Live Bodies for ScienceResearchers have revealed one hundred people are set to share their live bodies for science as part of a new study that will examine how to improve personal health.

The Hundred Person Wellness Project, which will begin next month, is going to require round-the-clock monitoring of its subjects, who are presumed healthy at the time of enrolment, reported.

Scientists will start by sequencing the entire genome of each participant, and then for the next 25 years, are going to take regular measurements of sleep patterns, heart rate, gut bacteria, proteins that track organ health, blood samples, immune cell activity and more.

The aim of the nine-month pilot program - which is targeting 100,000 people within the next four years - is on ways to improve individual wellness based on each person's unique make-up.


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