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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Grape Seed a Boon in Bowel Cancer Treatment: Study

The study says grape seed acts against cancer cells and does not touch the healthy cells. It also helps in treating the damages caused by chemotherapy in small intestine. It minimises inflammation and tissue damage caused by chemotherapy in small intestine, said lead author Dr Amy Cheah.

Researchers said the anti-oxidant properties of grape seed are useful in treating inflammations. Co-author and project leader Professor Gordon Howarth said, "Grape seed is showing great potential as an anti-inflammatory treatment for a range of bowel diseases and now as a possible anti-cancer treatment."

The study, published in journal PLOS ONE, said that the best part of grape seed comes to the fore when it is combined with chemotherapy as it reduces the intestinal damage caused by chemotherapy, which forms a part of treatment to treat colon cancer.

Australian researchers said tannins extracted from grape seed can be effective in reducing the intestinal damage. When grape is crushed for making wine, the by-product is tannins. Intake of tannins showed no side effects on healthy intestine and reduces the inflammation caused due to chemotherapy.

Fellow co-author and joint lead researcher Dr Sue Bastian, Senior Lecturer in Oenology, says, "These findings could be a boost to the wine grape industry as it value adds to what is essentially a by-product of the winemaking process."

 Source: journal PLOS ONE

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